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CommandK aims to be an industry leader in secrets security. The target audience comprised of software engineers, CTOs, and engineering leaders looking for cutting-edge tools to improve their productivity. In other words, CommandK would be launched for a cohort that was constantly exposed to the best brands and tools in the software space.

We created a brand for CommandK that commands attention and recognition on the global stage, complements the MVP, and keeps the company’s constantly evolving product in mind. We also designed a distinctive visual identity for the brand, including animated visual assets, branded pitch decks, and a no-code website.



For the primary palette, we picked colours that worked beautifully with both black and white. This would allow the team to build a multi-theme product in the future.

We also created a swatch of clean, modern gradients to go with it.



For the primary typeface, we picked a font family that included both sans serif and monospaced variants. DM Sans is CommandK's primary typeface, while DM Mono is used in the product for code snippets, and across the brand's website and other collateral to add some tech-y flavor.

For body copy, we chose Inter — a clean typeface that would work well within the product too.

Visual Identity

Embracing analog

The introduction of analog imagery and old-school motifs was a game-changer in the brand’s visual identity. We embraced the idea of portraying a multitude of control points with a tangible feel while keeping command and control at its centre.

Web Development

No-code for the win

CmdK needed a website that could appeal to potential investors and users, and attract a fresh pool of talent. They needed a stunning experience, with a very quick turnaround time.

Spotting a perfect opportunity to flex our no-code muscle, we used Webflow to to create the site, complete with a delightful scrolling experience and animated visuals.

The Impact

All systems go!

As of this moment, the brand and the team of CmdK are ready for their launch. We also helped create their pitch decks and presentations, which received positive feedback from users as well as interested investors. The brand is ready and raring to go, and is equipped to stand the test of time, changing priorities and focus areas.

From the outset, Studio Proximity took the initiative to genuinely understand CommandK, going the extra mile to ensure our branding perfectly encapsulated the essence of our product. By tailoring the design to fit our unique identity, Studio Proximity crafted a cohesive and compelling brand that resonates with our target audience.
Jayesh Sidhwani
CEO & Co-Founder - CommandK

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