half art.
half science.
all heart.

Welcome to Studio Proximity — a multi-disciplinary design studio working with businesses of all sizes to bring big ideas to life.

Some of our clients -
Command K
Delta Exchange
The Homework App

Walk in with an idea. walk out with everything you need for success. We’ll build your next product, design your identity, or craft an incredible experience. We're also backed by a full-blown dev studio that works with some of the biggest names in tech.

Digital Products

  • UX Research
  • Wireframing
  • Design & Prototyping
  • Android, iOS, Web Development
  • AB Testing, Analytics


  • Visual Identity Design
  • Merchandise
  • Packaging
  • Spaces
  • Marketing Collateral


  • Marketing Collateral
  • Virtual Environments
  • Interactive Websites
I love what Proximity has done for our brand and product both. They’ve created something that appeals to a wide target group, and have given us a solid foundation to build upon. The new guidelines are really easy to follow, and we’ve been putting out high-quality stuff at great speed.
- Harshvardhan Mandad, CEO and Founder, The Homework App

We choose quality over quantity, and depth over breadth. As a small, high quality team, we are very selective about the projects that we take up, and fully committed to the ones that we have.

Long term engagements.

60% of our work consists of long duration projects for clients who see us as an extension of their team.

Undivided attention.

We don’t double-book. A designer assigned to your project is your designer, focused fully on solving your problems.

Tangible impact.

As designers with a product background, we are driven by data and outcomes. We design solutions that actually work, and focus on measuring their impact.

Over to you. What's your big idea? Let's bring it to life.

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