Play Attention

Rebranding Play Attention: Turning ADHD into a superpower

Bringing Play Attention on par with modern neurotech and ‘brain-training’ brands.


Brand guidelines

Visual design

Motion design

Illustration design

Problem Statement

Play Attention is a mind-powered brain training program. It harnesses NASA-inspired technology and 18 cognitive skill programs to transform the lives of those with ADHD. It offers a 100% safe, drug-free path to improved focus, executive function, and emotional regulation.

Despite the success of its product, Play Attention’s brand image had grown stale against contemporary brain-training apps.

Our goal was to give its dated identity a modern, sharp, but empathetic overhaul. This would enable it to rival the newest neurotech and brain-training brands.


A deeper look

We started by diving deeper into Play Attention — understanding the product and users and identifying the shortcomings of the existing brand. This helped us frame our approach.

the existing logo

Analysing the existing logo helped us identify gaps the needed to be filled.
Complex form and weak typography
Looks dated, similar to several stock logos
Not responsive and doesn't scale well to fit different sizes or contexts


the target audience

Play Attention is designed for neurodivergent and neurotypical people of all ages and genders. The brand's appeal needed to be universal.
Parents & teachers of ADHD kids
Children with ADHD
Adults with ADHD
Therapists treating ADHD patients

Defining our approach

A brief analysis of the existing brand and many conversations with the founders helped us frame our approach and define our goals for the rebranding.


A modern, digital brand needs to fit all use cases. We wanted to make the logo responsive for better scalability and versatility.


With such a varied audience, inclusivity is mandatory. We wanted to make sure the brand represented a diverse spectrum of genders, ages, and races.


ADHD is a challenge, but it comes with unique and unexpected gifts. We wanted to recast ADHD as a superpower, using only positive visuals and messaging.

The Concept

This concept uses the exclamation mark in
the oft-used interjection — ‘pay attention!’ — but plays with its positioning to arrive at the words ‘play attention’.

It’s a play on words that’s right there in the name. It’s also a nod to Peter's experience of helping one student, and how it transformed into a lifelong mission.
The new logo is bold, simple, and fully responsive. It has multiple lock-ups and levels of complexity, and can be used without loss of clarity in all contexts.

A clean, vibrant, soothing brand

Brand Colours

The Play Attention palette is designed
to be vibrant and soothing. It contains:
A primary palette
A secondary palette, used mainly
for illustration
A set of soothing surface fills, to be
used in place of neutrals and to
create a subtle sense of softness.


TT Fors
Primary font, a versatile typeface that works well at all sizes.
Used as a fallback when TT Ford is not available. Eg. On Freshdesk and Mailchimp.

Warm, vibrant, and human.

Our goal was to create warm, approachable visuals that resonate with people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities.

Illustration style

Our visuals are reminiscent of children’s storybook illustrations, but still maintain a mature aesthetic, with a healthy mix of the modern visual structure, combined with compassion, warmth, and approachability.


Our illustrations feature characters of all ages, genders, and races.


Characters are always depicted with positive expressions and body language.


Characters are always shown to be actively engaging with the device or surroundings.
motion design

Bringing it all to life

We use subtle animations to showcase abstract concepts and help drive the point home. They are done in a way that avoids creating excess stimulus, and helps maintain a soothing vibe.

Embracing the tilt!

We mirrored the forward tilt of the logo’s exclamation point in shapes within our illustrations. This adds a distinct flavour to the visuals and ties everything together.
WEBSITE design

No-code and crafted to perfection

We built an extensive no-code website for Play Attention using Framer. The website features over 10 pages, each complete with custom graphics and on-scroll animations. Choosing Framer helped cut dramatically cut down our development time and gave our designers more control over finished site.
Working with Studio Proximity has been an excellent experience. From the start, they dove into our project at FrontRow with enthusiasm, asking insightful questions and suggesting creative ideas we hadn't considered. Unlike typical agencies, Kitu & Madhvi go beyond mere execution, bringing valuable expertise and a willingness to challenge assumptions. Their honest approach has been a tremendous asset, and I would highly recommend them for their exceptional service and collaborative mindset.
Ty Haener
Sr. Design Manager, FrontRow

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